Combat Orders

“Can a battalion operate on verbal orders? Absolutely, yes.” - MajGen O.K. Steele, CG 2nd MarDiv, 1990

Combat Orders

Nesting the Main Effort

Verbal Orders Techniques


“All Stations, Kodiak Actual”

“Ten Years of TDGs” MCG 2003

France 1940: XIX Panzer Corps

Italy 1943: Operation AVALANCHE

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“A Critique of Pure Success”


Commander’s Intent


“Rethinking Combat Orders”


Plans that Survive First Contact

Orders Shorthand

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Verbal Orders in Iraq: 3/7 OIF AAR



1st Division Order in Oran 1942


Attack Orders FM 17-33 1949

“Combat Orders at Kasserine Pass”


“The Battle of Goose Green”


A CAX Order 2000


Matrix Order Techniques


Letter to Infantry Officer Course



“The higher the command, the shorter and simpler the order.”

- LtGen George S. Patton, 1945

“The most important thing was that I gave all orders verbally.”

- Gen Hermann Balck, 1945

“Those who cannot be trusted to act on clear and concise
verbal orders … are useless.”

- General Bernard Montgomery, 1958

“Orders were more often than not verbal.”

- LtGen William Slim, CG XIV
Army, Burma, 1944

“In France in 1918, a Division … order was sometimes fifteen or twenty pages long. After the war … efforts were made
to cut down this verbosity but … as late as 1927 … I found a battalion order three and four pages in length.”

- General George Marshall, 1942

“We cannot … issue long-winded orders, either written or oral. Whatever order we … issue must be short and … clear.
If we hope to do this in war we must practice it in peace.”

 - Adolph von Schell, Battle Leadership